Energy & Lighting Services

As energy and lighting experts, our team specializes in optimizing energy systems to enhance operational efficiency. We offer seamless solutions, including retrofitting conventional lighting systems for both interior and exterior applications and upgrading HVAC equipment, to minimize costs and maximize performance. By integrating advanced controls and technologies, we ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and providing long-term savings.

How We Help You Save

Whether maintenance, lighting upgrades or refresh projects, we deliver a level of service that can only be provided by seasoned professionals and proven processes.

AGI uses several programs to bring the highest quality design services as well as implementation process to our customers. We offer full comprehensive energy, lighting and maintenance analysis for all areas of improvements maximizing the return for your investment. This includes and is not limited to:

  • General Q&A on the Facility
  • Lighting and Energy Audit
  • Evaluate and Recommend Technology to Meet Customer’s Requirements
  • In-house lighting designs, numeric and rendering photometrics
  • Controls, design, layout, commissioning
  • Measurement & Verification Process
  • Research and Apply Relevant Rebates
  • Project Financing at Customer’s Request
  • Project Management with reporting of progress
  • Off-peak hours of installation
  • All performed and installed by AGI lighting professionals

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Lighting Audits

Lighting requirements for each facility can be unique. Our team starts by auditing your existing system, and then establishes a customized plan to address all of your specific lighting needs.

Photometrics and Design

We design optimal lighting upgrade and retrofit solutions. From product selection to full system design with photometrics, we are ready to provide all of the services you need to start planning and implementing today.  

Financial Solutions

We provide turnkey management of grant rebate and tax incentive programs to make sure you receive the maximum available incentives and benefits from power companies and other agencies applicable to your specific project.


Our experienced lighting team implements upgrades and retrofit projects efficiently, without disruption of your facility’s day-to-day operations.  

Warranty Management

We make sure our customers get the most out of all lighting warrantees by using our system to manage component failures, RMA submission and track claim resolutions.

HVAC Controls and Optimization

Our certified technicians specialize in comprehensive HVAC control upgrades, delivering turnkey solutions that elevate operational efficiency, extend equipment lifespan, and enhance visibility. Utilizing a tailored system comprising WiFi-enabled sensors, controllers, and thermostats strategically positioned for secure data collection, we ensure a seamless integration that meets your specific needs.

The Bottom Line

For more than 40 years, AGI has been the industry leader in providing lighting and maintenance services to brands at more than 40,000 locations annually. We’re honored that you put your trust in us. In return, our program is guaranteed. Our service is high-quality, efficient and cost-effective—that’s a promise.

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