Program Management Consulting

At AGI, we believe infrastructure is progress. Whether you are renovating an existing facility, or starting the ground up of a new one, our construction and program management professionals are here to guide you through every hurdle and challenge.

As a leader in the retail space for major capital infrastructure programs, we bring a level of competency, efficiency and performance that is unmatched in the industry. We take you from concept and dream, to turnkey delivery and commercial use. We understand that every building program is unique, and we have the flexibility to adapt an execution strategy that meets your needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Fast Facts

  • Our team has a combined experience of over 500 years and has completed over 8 billion dollars worth of construction projects.

  • We are currently managing one of the largest and leading automotive facility rebrands in the world.
  • AGI is a leader in the signage and architectural branding industries giving our PMC division a distinct advantage over others in the program management space.
  • We are strategically located with the ability to manage programs throughout North America. 

How We Work

Whatever the scope of the program, our dynamic team has the expertise and capabilities to support your needs.

With extensive experience in managing projects from Automotive OEM facility branding to Banking, Healthcare and National Restaurant Chains, our team is mobile and flexible, offering geographical coverage to support program implementation nationwide. Depending on program design and objectives, this generally includes a broad range of internal and external stakeholders, such as: dealers/franchisees, architects and designers, municipal and code enforcement agencies, contractors and product vendors.

Design and Construction Lifecycle


Gain valuable insights to define the program’s objectives through analysis, research, and feasibility assessments. Our team of experts collaborates with your existing organizational structure, ensuring alignment with the roles and responsibilities of the PMC team.


Utilize our team’s specialized expertise to develop your project team’s operating model and establish facility design standards, ensuring flexibility within your framework.


Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to select program vendors and suppliers, ensuring alignment with your project’s goals and requirements. Together, we establish a comprehensive onboarding and training plan tailored to your team’s needs for a seamless transition and optimal resource utilization.


Ensure the quality and reliability of your program through our comprehensive monitoring, meticulous quality assurance processes, and ongoing refinement efforts. Our team is committed to the continual improvement and success of your program.