Helping a banking powerhouse convert to a new brand

01. Who Did We Help

Truist Bank

In December of 2019, SunTrust and BB&T combined forces, and through the merger formed one of the largest banks in the nation. 

02. The Challenge

Truist was challenged with converting over 2,500 locations to reflect the new Truist brand identity in preparation for their brand launch during Presidents’ Day Weekend of 2021. The transition also required redesign of a new bold and inviting interior experience that would unify the two previously existing branch designs of SunTrust and BB&T. Truist required completion of a wide spectrum of projects for each rebranded location, including exterior and interior signage, custom ATM surrounds, interior design, window vinyl, placards, paint refreshes and more. On top of that, Truist needed to manage the complex maintenance and warranty systems among the numerous vendors involved in these processes after installation.

03. Our Solution

As would be expected of a refresh of this size and scope, Truist needed assistance from a large number of signage providers in the industry. AGI stood out as a potential partner based on a long history with predecessor brands, industry leadership in product design, and consistency resulting from program management services with turnkey execution. AGI was one of the leading vendors for this brand conversion, and through excellent performance was awarded additional sites that were behind schedule. In addition to interior branch upgrades to furniture, carpet, paint and graphics, AGI also proposed, fabricated, and installed a unique interior solution for the now-iconic interior Purple Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) curved wall that serves as a modern, elegant, and indelible branding asset for an increasing number of flagship Truist locations. 

04. The Results

AGI was able to complete all assigned locations by the stringent Presidents’ Day reveal deadline and has continued to execute interior upgrades and follow-on programs including the ACM wall based on highly positive feedback and excellent execution of the initial test sites. Finally, AGI’s ELM division has been engaged to lead post-installation management, providing Truist with extensive on call maintenance availability and comprehensive warranty management across all vendors involved in this nationwide program.

AGI Divisions Involved
  • Architectural Branding
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Lighting & Maintenance
  • Signage Solutions

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