Using research and expertise to help a long-term partner carry out a nationwide rebrand

01. Who Did We Help

WoodSpring Hotels

WoodSpring Hotels, an extended-stay hotel company with two great brands: WoodSpring Suites and Value Place

During our first several years working with the brand, we focused on improving the quality and value of their exterior signage program. When it came time to make a change to the WoodSpring Hotels name and craft signage to match, we were the first team they called.

Number of Rebranded Locations


Months to Research, Create and Install


02. The Challenge

Convincing franchisees to adopt the new name and image wasn’t easy, and WoodSpring Hotels needed to invest a lot of time and energy in the effort. We were left with a tight time frame of 6 months to complete the project, the construction of 60’-70’ tall pylons with electronic message centers, and the notoriously difficult permitting process.

03. Our Solution

To get over the permitting challenge, our team started researching requirements across all WoodSpring Hotels locations, well before the branding packages were finalized. Our research gave us the chance to establish local relationships, which expedited the permitting process at each municipality. Then, with our tight timeline in mind, we assumed the risk and began production for the conversion before the approved permits came in. That meant we could start installation immediately after we secured the permit receipt.

04. The Results

The risk and research efforts were worth it: Our team rebranded nearly 100 WoodSpring Suites and Value Place locations across the country in just six months, and we’re still partnered with WoodSpring Hotels and their franchisees today.

AGI Divisions Involved
  • Signage Solutions

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