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01. Who Did We Help


Hyundai Motor Company is one of the largest car brands in the US and the world with revenue exceeding $100 billion. Launched in 2015 as the luxury division of Hyundai, Genesis is poised to cement itself as a leading high-end automotive brand.

02. The Challenge

The Genesis brand has long since been a part of the Hyundai dealer network, with many Hyundai dealerships supporting both lines in a common retail outlet. To expand Genesis’ distinct presence in the American Market, Hyundai executives needed a plan to work with their dealers and build standalone Genesis retail showcases more reflective of the unique Genesis approach. 

With a desire to showcase enhanced customer time and convenience, Genesis sought a partner to design, create, and implement the new standalone retail showroom and unique signature brand elements, all within their tight timeline to open the first stand-alone dealership.

03. Our Solution

AGI’s Innovative Solutions team stood out as the perfect option to help Genesis define, engineer and fabricate the showroom elements to complement AGI’s Signage and Architectural Branding teams providing all the signage and exterior elements. AGI was selected as the primary supplier for all dealership interior design and many of the unique elements from furniture and fixtures to creative meeting spaces and eye-catching showcases. In addition, AGI assisted Genesis with the full-scope management through project completion, with hassle-free oversight and communication of program progress with Genesis executives and dealership owners. 

04. The Results

Lauded by rave reviews conveying the luxury of open spaces and making customers feel like an invited guest, the first North American Genesis retail outlet was opened in March 2022. AGI was able to see to the full completion within the strict deadline. The Innovative Solutions team conceptualized, fabricated, and installed all interior aspects of the dealerships, including the breathtaking cable-suspended Genesis “Brand Cube,” the distinct copper-colored brand wall backdrop, and a tastefully designed and decorated waiting lounge – all serving to fulfill the Genesis aim to value their customers’ time and enhance their dealership experience. Given the spectacular feedback from the initial grand opening, AGI looks forward to the completion of hundreds more Genesis retail outlets over the next few years.

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