Hyundai and Genesis EV

As your HMA/GMA approved partner, AGI’s proven process makes implementing EV Chargers at your dealership effortless.


  • Authorized Equipment Dealer for all ChargePoint and BLINK Products at Negotiated HMA/GMA Prices
  • Perform EVSE Readiness Evaluation
  • Consult on implementation location
  • Provide hardware & network consulting
  • Obtain permits
  • Incentive Research and Applications
  • Provide turnkey project design, engineering and installation of your EVSE equipment
  • Electrical Service Upgrades
  • Activate and commission your charger(s)
  • Implement initial access controls
  • Guide you on how to manage access
  • Coordinate software training for platform managers
  • Ensure you remain proactive to charging needs


All customer-facing EV chargers are to be Hyundai, Genesis, or co-branded depending on its location within the facility and site.

Contact AGI to learn more about HMA/GMA EV charger guidelines and packages.

AGI is proud to have partnered with Hyundai and Genesis to serve your EV charging and electrification needs. To learn more, please complete the following form and a representative from AGI will contact you to schedule an initial call.