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Connecting with Customers On-The-Go

Our team has designed signage and digital messaging systems for some of the world’s most prominent car rental companies. We create everything from the distinctive signage and trade dress adorning the rental counter, to garage signs and the open lot and stalls where cars wait for drivers. Everything we build helps engage your on-the-go customers, create a seamless brand experience, and drive loyalty amongst car renters and travelers.

Our capabilities range from traditional to the unexpected. Whether we’re implementing signage at the front desk or creating engaging airport pop-up lounges where potential customers can recharge, we understand how to make an impact in this unique industry. We’ll handle all of the details from the start, advising you on everything from materials, to wayfinding, to brand guidelines that provide your location with a new, fresh and consistent look that will stand the test of time.


Airport Expertise            

We know how to work with airport facility managers, so you don’t have to. Our experienced project managers take care of the entire process, streamlining the logistics of working with airport authorities and other stakeholders involved in both on and off-airport rental facility management. From smaller airports to major hubs like LAX, we understand the inner-workings of airports and how to manage the unique regulations and rules that govern these sites. We’ll work through permitting and municipal code compliance to make sure you maximize the impact of exterior and interior garage signage, protecting your investments and saving you money down the road.

Customer-Focused Environmental Design

Our team will make sure your brand uses its space in the most effective way possible. Our experienced team will create implementation plans tailored to your unique sites, designed to make the most of your space while streamlining the customer experience. From overall wayfinding and signage placement to determining where customers find their car, we will recommend a layout that accounts for every detail. We take your unique customer profiles into consideration to deliver customized recommendations that focus on their specific needs and your specific goals. Whether you cater to experienced business travelers or first-time vacationers, we’ll make sure your brand is always ready to impress.

Recent Work

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Ford Motor Company

Using digital technology to take the Ford Trustmark Facility experience beyond expected
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