Arenas and Stadiums

Big Venue, Big Opportunity

Arenas and stadiums need to balance entertainment with information to make every visit memorable and exciting. At AGI, we create intuitive wayfinding systems, unique brand touchpoints and cohesive, engaging experiences—so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with fans by the thousands.

It’s not just the outcome of the game that determines the fan experience. Arenas and stadiums are powerful brand environments and icons. These types of large-scale venue have the potential to create unforgettable experiences and emotional connections with every fan that walks through the doors. At AGI, we help you harness your brand to build a cohesive, impactful environment that is safe, exciting and fun for your audience.

Management Expertise

Building a great stadium or arena is a large-scale, high-profile public endeavor—often, years are invested to bring such a large-scale vision to life. At AGI, we have the expertise to keep your project running smoothly, no matter how large or complex. We leverage decades of brand-building experience to overcome every challenge and ensure that your project is delivered on-budget and on-schedule.

When dealing with an investment of this scale, every detail matters. We partner with the world’s leading construction firms, bringing the highest level of project management, quality control and safety standards to every project. We also manage the documentation needed to meet regulations tied to funding, and work side-by-side with construction teams to identify project status and coordinate efficiencies.

Digital and Static Signage

Arenas and stadiums give us the opportunity to go big with stunning digital signage that keeps fans engaged, entertained and informed. We procure, program and engineer installation of “big board” video and LED displays that let every sports and music fan witness the action in high-definition. In addition, impactful static signage can build and reinforce brand awareness in your environment, your community and around the world. At AGI, we carefully coordinate all types of signage to communicate the brand messages your fans expect.

It can take thousands of signs to complete an environment as large as a stadium or arena. We build all of the signs you’ll need at once, early on in the project, to increase efficiency and save you money.


It’s critical for visitors to understand how to move quickly, safely and effectively around your environment. We design and develop comprehensive wayfinding systems that help people get where they need to go. Whether it’s food, merchandise, restrooms or exits, our seamless wayfinding systems make sure your audiences know how to get around without missing a beat, pass, or pitch. 

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