Randy Watts

Randy Watts

Senior Vice President & General Manager Architectural Branding

I began my career in the 1980s—a time when the rebrand industry was exploding, and companies were growing incredibly fast. The concept of a brand image was, and still is, a strong focus of so many companies aspiring to move from good to exceptional in the minds of their customers. 

Following in the footsteps of my father, my career has been rich in experiences and strong in relationships, invariably linked to my roles in product development, manufacturing, engineering and construction.

My approach to life and work is largely inspired by being raised in a family that taught me the value of faith, integrity, and hard work. I started at AGI in 2008, where I soon became the leader of a new division—Architectural Branding. Our division is all about providing exceptional service while bringing our client’s brands to life through architecture and branding elements.

The blessings throughout my career are numerous. I’m able work with many amazing and talented people. Some are teammates and coaches, others are partners and customers. Together we’ve been able to design, develop, create and improve products that are laced into many of the largest brands of the day.

My education has been technical by nature, and I continuously search for better ways to improve my leadership, technical skills and personal growth. For most of my career, I’ve been supported and encouraged by my wonderful wife Sebrenia. We’ve been blessed to live in a beautiful area of the country, surrounded by wonderful friends and family.