Letter from Craig Rohde, President

For over 50 years AGI has provided quality products and services in support of leading Brands as they build, promote, maintain and refresh their customer facing environments. We have seen many changes over that time, from the advent of ATMs and Drive Thru restaurants to the materials used and sources that illuminate our signs.

Today, we all recognize this rate of change only seems to be accelerating. With a library of information in our pocket, the constant buzz of real time communication and news, and more pressing concerns over climate, equality and health – we have all seen the implications on how businesses engage customers and conduct operations. It’s more difficult to stand out above the noise, and customer demands for convenience, service, cleanliness, comfort and safety are higher than ever.

The good news is those brands who have been able to improve convenience through their physical locations and enhance the in-person experience have enjoyed greater loyalty and differentiation versus retailers who have not stepped up to e-commerce pressures. These brands recognize their physical environment needs to become increasingly bold, inspiring and sophisticated, while employing common sense integration of technology that customers have come to expect. Every element is critical to your customers’ brand experience – from signage and lighting, to interior environments, digital technology, architectural elements and the building envelope itself.

Recognizing this change, just over three years ago AGI announced our new logo and vision toward the future as we expand our services, capabilities and areas of expertise to better serve our customers. And I’m happy to say that has been, and continues to be, the right call. Our focus remains steadfast, to provide solutions that present your brand’s unique story in a way that draws your customers in and helps them form powerful connections with your brand. With every brand and project, the required solution and how it is achieved is different, but it is our commitment to stand by our word, deliver with excellence, and provide the highest level of client service on every project that achieves your goals and earns your satisfaction.

We are excited to see the continued evolution as the great expectations of our customers connects with the heart, creativity, competence, and hard work of AGI and its employees.