Metal Fabricator, Manufacturing, Virginia Beach, VA

A Metal fabricator will be required to interpret engineer drawings in order to fabricate the body work for aluminum and steel signs and ATMs.

Primary Duties:

  • Read and interpret shop drawings to determine sequence and methods of fabricating, size of material, equipment to be used.
  • Lay out and scribe material for proper size, cutting notching, and sheering so that waste is held to a minimum.
  • Sets up and operates fabricating machines such as shears, press brakes, table saws, chop saws, drill presses, punches, routers, to cut, bend materials for fabrication.
  • Welds, bolts, rivets, screws, clips, caulks, or bonds component parts to assemble products.
  • Understands and has basic welding skills for fabrication of aluminum and steel.
  • Ensure that all corporate safety procedures for personnel and equipment in work area are followed.
  • Meet established production schedules so that all customer orders are shipped within the time frame established by corporate policy.
  • Cause all products sold to be manufactured precisely as specified in the company’s formal product specifications.
  • Be responsible for assembling all hardware associated with assembly of signs.
  • May be required to perform various manual tasks in other departments as warranted by workload in that department.

Education Requirement – The applicant should have a High School Diploma or GED.

Experience – 3-5 years of prior experience in fabrication. Able to read and interpret blue prints and drawings.


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